Luke Shepherd - Sculptor

Very few people have their Bronze Portrait Busts made in their lifetime. My aim is to regenerate an appreciation for this most powerful of art forms — the portrait sculpture.

I find the portrait bust to be one of the most intensely challenging tasks. Imagine the most physical, visual and mathematically challenging puzzle you can – then double it! The making of a great bronze portrait sculpture is all of this.

I view modelling as a magical process of observation and investigation. Rediscovering the language needed to transform the clay beyond mere technique or idea. I strive to deconstruct the form of the sitter before putting it back together, in a fashion that intensifies the sitter’s presence. This involves understanding what elements make the presence of the sitter unique, removing what is unnecessary and changing what is crucial, before reassembly.

In this way the viewer not only gains a vivid representation of the sitter, but is transported through a doorway into the world of the sculptor’s construction and creative processes.

Alongside my work as a portrait sculptor I teach a course specifically for plastic surgeons.  Sculpture for Surgeons is aimed at imparting a visual 3-D knowledge base for the plastic and reconstructive surgeon. I also teach Master Classes aimed at offering a full appreciation of both the technical intricacies of Portrait Modeling as well as the creative aspects.

My teaching role extends to mentoring other sculptors, in their quest to develop their modeling skills and full potential.

Luke Shepherd's bronze portrait sculpture exhibits a clearly recognisable style, capturing the unique strengths and subtle nuances of each sitter. He has skillfully moved beyond his formative years into a mature and sought after bronze portrait sculptor. With early success in both in the Royal Academy, London and the Academie des Beaux-Arts, Paris

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