Master–class Residency In Nepal

In 1988 Luke was awarded a scholarship to travel to Nepal and study in the atelier of bronze caster Ratna Jyoti Shakya. He spent 3 months living, sleeping, eating and working with the family and made a lifetime bond in friendship.

1000 armed gold plated Avalokiteshvara by Ratna Jyoti Shakya Ht 65cm

"The techniques used are incredible and remind me of how the small studios must have been organized in the Renaissance times of Benvenuto Cellini. The gold plated bronze work produced is exquisitely crafted with simple hand tools in basic conditions. The smell of the bees wax permeated the whole wooden house and is so evocative of the time there. Whenever I smell wax I am instantly transported back to Kathmandu."

The experience was an eye opener for Luke and has enabled him to use the Nepalese casting techniques and engraving on his subsequent bronzes.

I went hoping to cast some of my own work at Ratna′s foundry and walk in the Himalayas. Within a few days of arriving I realized that I had stumbled upon a once in a lifetime opportunity to really engage and share with skilful and generous people. I gave up all ideas of casting my own work and set to learn their techniques whilst sharing my own practices. I hoped that we would both gain from this unique time together.

Luke Shepherd

Luke was invited to teach at the Royal College of Art and share his knowledge of traditional bronze casting to the students on the Lost Wax Bronze Casting Diploma Course. His small sculptures continue to display engraving and gold mirror finished area similar to that produced in Nepal.

I am currently selling statues for Ratna. All proceeds are 100% non-profit making and are used to finance Doctor for Nepal project. Non-profit making organization to finance education of medical training. Follow link below to view all statues and email me if you are interested in any.

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