A bronze commission is always bespoke.
If you would like to meet, with no obligation,  it would be a pleasure to see if I can help you fulfill your dreams.
I can suggest designs, materials, scale and complexity and explain more of what is involved, so you can fully understand the process, what is possible and what to expect.

A Unique Work of Art

Prices vary according to scale, complexity of form and detailing. I always like to include the total sum payable in a clearly worded and straightforward written contract between the client and myself. The contract establishes a clear outline of each stage of the work ahead and ensures a smooth process ahead.

bronze resin bronze
Head & neck £9,500 – £12,500 £7,500 – £9,500
Head with shoulders £11,500 – £13,500 £9,000 – £10,500
Head with torso £15,500 – £20,000 £10,500 – £13,500
Wall reliefs from £7,500 from £5,500

Traveling expenses: Traveling and accommodation expenses are additional to the  price of the bronze and are always kept to the minimum. This forms part of my standard contract.

Standard: All prices include a wooden base as standard. This can be upgraded to a marble or bronze base.

No hidden extras: The total sum payable is always written into a straightforward contract, made between us before commencement of any work. This ensures there are no  extra hidden charges and no unexpected terms.


I have always made portrait busts and I see myself upholding the traditional values of art. I work with minute modifications until both client and myself are fully satisfied with the finished clay, before proceeding with the casting. I employ a fine balance of strong draftsmanship, sensitive observation and overall an immense enjoyment of being with people. I set my goals high and strive for perfection

Luke Shepherd