Discover A Unique Way To Sculpt Heads

With the points-in-space method Luke uses to train plastic surgeons

Achieve a breakthrough using the Points-in-Space Method

I have developed the Points-in-Space Method for modelling sculpture over 40 years.

Through observation, study, research and uncovering quotes from masters of sculpture, I have distilled a unique approach that gets accurate results, quickly.  In 4 days you will be able to achieve results you never dreamt possible.

You can learn  how to sculpt confidently with unbelievable accuracy and ease using my Points-in-Space Method.

Until I developed the Points-in-Space Method my sculpture was straightforward and mediocre.

I was gaining commissions, but at the back of my mind I was worried my results were as much by chance, than by knowing how to apply a confident skill set.

It took me years of observation and study to work out the key aspects and develop a systematic method I could rely on.

The problem was that for sculpture to work well each point has to relate to all others. This wasn’t happening in my work until I figured out how to ensure this occurred.

So now when starting a work I determine a matrix of inter-relational points and using a precise method of measuring bring these to the clay.

I have found this to be far more accurate than the common approach of starting off with a large egg-like shape of clay.

This is my essential foundation enabling the work to develop accurately. I call this the Points-in-Space Method.

The Points-in-Space Method gave me the discipline to tackle any complex modelling by breaking it down into its key elements.

I can relax now  with a secure approach that works every time. I'd like to share this with you, so you can create your own exciting and accurate works of art.

I've seen the work of two friends who had zero knowledge of sculpting and did Luke's course - I couldn't believe the quality of the sculptured heads they produced! Amazing!

Steve Banks
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 4-Day Sculpture Course

What to expect

This portrait sculpture course is practical. Working directly from a model you will learn perception and anatomy based skills. The points in space method is designed to get you further towards modelling what you see. You will be learning the whole time and enjoying confidence in modelling a likeness, which differs from simply copying.

This method will heighten your perception to help you capture the essential geometry of your subject. Most people will glance at the model and casually add clay. The points-in-space method ensures every addition of clay small or large, loose or smooth, has meaning, purpose and function.

Each studio session is designed to help you uncover and learn sculpture techniques and sculpture skills. What to work on next, when to measure and when to use your eye?

Beginners will gain a systematic approach they can trust, standing them in good stead for the future. Those who sculpt already will see a shift in their understanding and a development in their work and style.

The group is small and tuition will be both group orientated, and also tailored to your individual needs.

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your course, you are a patient generous and expert teacher. I felt encouraged and excited by the whole process. Your 'talks' were inspirational and educational. The atmosphere was relaxed.

Kim Wordley

You Will Come Away With

  • A clear order of how to start, develop and complete your work step by step - so you progress with clarity
  • When to measure and when to rely on your eye - so you're never confused
  • The key aspects that create a likeness and how to apply them to gain accuracy
  • How to bring the clay to life and portray expression - enabling you to make exciting work
  • How to rescue a disaster which can happen to the best of us at times!
  • Knowing when to stop  - so you don't overwork your sculpture
  • How to avoid guesswork - to remove anxiety and make systematic progress
  • A faster approach that speeds up your modelling

I still think about my visit to your area and your workshop! It was a fantastic experience, and I really feel I learnt a whole new way of working / looking! Will be back if at all possible.

Tania Lee South Africa
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Working with the points-in-space method

Video Testimonial

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Are you ready for the 4-day course?

The course costs  £525

This is not a course where you are left alone to discover your creativity.
You will be guided and shown exactly how to apply techniques to get results.
What you learn in 4-days will save you years of self-learning and going through the hundreds of hours and mistakes it took me to develop.

These methods can be applied to all modelling and so be useful for whole figures or animals.

Learn 5 measuring methods

• How to identifying points in space
• Starting correctly with 2 accurate points
The Bar-Code method for accurate measuring
The Cross-Calliper method for pin pointing relationships of points in space
The Right-Angle Method for detailed accuracy
• The correct use of viewing contour and volume

You will learn  how to use each measuring method and when to apply them.
You will also learn when to use your eye and how to double check it's accuracy.

The 7-Stages of Modelling

The most common question I get asked is how do I know which bit to model next?

Most beginners are hampered by not knowing which stage to work on.

In 7 studio sessions over 4 days we cover the 7-stages of modelling a portrait.

Just like building a house from the foundation upwards, each studio session will give you one key focus. These are designed to build upon the previous like the chapters in a book.

This gives clarity  to the process and answers the questions of when to tackle the structure and how to know when to move on to the detail.

You will be shown how to clearly work on one stage at a time. This ensures you will not have to back- track and in so doing overwork the clay.

I subtitle this course "the secrets learned over 40 years in just 4 days!"

I hope you will join me by signing up below.

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Hay Tor 5 mins from my studio

Firstly, I should have formally told you how inspiring the 4 day course was for me. I battled to make the time and justify spending the money on ‘me’ – and now I cannot believe that I nearly lost the opportunity! I could see that you were a brilliant artist/sculptor in your own right but the real test was - what would you be like as a teacher? As it was you were brilliant – it all made so much sense and became so ‘do-able’ (i.e. not too mathematical or complex in building the structure and using safe measurements.) I learnt so much and my passion – and confidence came back. Thank you so much.

Cathie Johnstone

4 Day Portrait Courses for 2024

Thursday 2nd - Sunday 5th May 2024
Venue: Art House, South Brent, Devon £525
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Thursday 11th - Sunday 14th April 2024
Venue: The Mansion House, Calderstones Liverpool £480
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Thursday 25th - Sunday 28th July 2024
Venue: Art House, South Brent, Devon £525
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Thursday 3rd - Sunday 6th October 2024
Venue: Art House, South Brent, Devon £525
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Friday - Sunday October 2024 Sculpture for Surgeons, 3-days
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Q: Do we work from a model?
A: Yes our model sits for 4 days. I also give demonstrations plus 2 power-point lectures on the Points-in-Space Method and Style in Sculpture.

Q: Do we keep our clay heads?
A: Yes, when complete the clay is removed from the armature so the clay can be fired. I am able to do this in my kiln or you can take the clay with you unfired.

Q: Will my work have a rough or smooth finish?
A: The style and preference for finishing is entirely your choice. I will be able to advise whichever you choose.

Q: I can't stand up all day. Can I bring a tall stool?
A: Yes. The model will rotate every few minutes.

Q: Do you provide lunch?
A: The course provides teas, the best coffee and snacks. The Art House is in the centre of South Brent with fine cafes and shops. There is a kitchen with a fridge if you choose to bring a pack lunch.

Q: Is Accommodation available?
A: The course does not include accommodation. The area is popular with holiday makers and early booking is highly recommended.

Dartmoor 5 mins from my studio

About Luke

Luke Shepherd is a Welsh sculptor, living in the Dartmoor National Park with his wife and terrier, Mukti. His bronze portraits are collected throughout the world by museums, universities, private and public collections.

His most recent  commission was for the University of Chicago Booth School of Business with bronzes in the foyers of campuses in Chicago, London and Hong Kong. 

Luke is one  of the few sculptors worldwide who uses sculpture to teach plastic surgeons how to understand the 3-D shapes of the head and face. This is directly applied to their surgery.

Luke teaches 4 sculpture courses each year. The Sculpture for Surgeons course is in London and 3 portrait sculpture courses each year in Devon.

Luke's hobbies include Tai Chi (he runs a small Tai Chi school in Devon) and electric guitar, playing in a local band (quite loudly).

Having completed your portrait sculpting course its value to me is immense. Your many years of experience, command of the portrait sculpting process and teaching skill have made this unique course one where novices and existing practitioners have excelled.

Ron Tillson
Bronze of Billy Connolly who sat for Luke over 4 successive evenings in the Theatre Royal, Bath.
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