Commissioning: Q & A

What can I expect?

With much experience of working with clients, I have struck upon a straightforward approach to commissioning portrait sculpture.

This ensures that at every stage of the progress all involved are satisfied and that there can be no disasters.

Commissioning a bronze can seem daunting as you don’t know what the finished results will be.

You may have some questions and I have added the most common. I hope that the following will put you at ease. Please contact me for further info.

Will there be a contract between us?

Most definitely! As soon as everything is to your satisfaction and before proceeding with the sittings a formal contract is drawn up. If you wish to see a copy of my standard contract (which we adjust to suit your specific requirements) please just ask. It helps us both feel confident and ensures each stage meets your requirements.

Do I have to sit still and for how long?

No. Definitely not still. Unlike a portrait painting, sculpture requires me to look from every angle. When you move, you are in fact helping me to see more!

Sitting times depend upon yourself and your schedule.

I ask for 6 sittings and we can negotiate how long you are able to give. Usually up to 2 hours each time with breaks. Children have a short attention span and shorter, more frequent sittings are necessary.

What if I don’t like the bust?

At every stage of the modelling the commissioner will be involved and view it’s progressive stages. This ensures that the work is developing according to all our requirements.

At our first meeting I will show you my folio and ask what type of finish you prefer, as this can greatly affect the outcome.

Only when we are both fully satisfied with the clay does the next casting stage proceed.

In over 35 years of being commissioned, I have only ever had one work rejected. This was early on in my younger days and on that occasion I didn’t invite the sitter’s wife to become involved in the decision making processes! However, I am glad of that instance as I tightened my belt and learned a lot from that mistake!

Do you model at my house or at your studio?

The choice is yours. I will happily come to you. My portable studio is small and I bring a clean new dustsheet on each occasion!If your home is dark I may also bring additional lighting.

Billy Connolly sat in the dressing rooms at the Theatre Royal, Bath. The Indian sage HWL Poonja sat in his living room with over 40 devotees telling me that they see him this way or that!

If I travel to you, I will ask for my basic traveling expenses. This of course is included in the quote and drawn up in the contract.

How long do you take from start to finish?

Depending upon my current bookings and the foundry schedule this can take approximately 3 month and up to 4 months, very occasionally longer.

However, once you have made a decision to go ahead, I will book the work into the foundry which will reduce the waiting time.

However, if you have a specific date in mind e.g. a retirement celebration or a birth date, please let me know well in advance, so that I can plan my diary according to your date. I will do my very best to accommodate and meet your deadlines.

How many bronzes in an edition?

 Traditionally bronzes are produced in editions.

I produce editions of 9. An edition is often anything from between 3 - 15 bronzes. Each are numbered with 2 figures.  The total number in the edition is underneath and the edition number on top. 

The original commissioned bronze is number 1 in the edition.  Each bronze is also dated and signed.  Further edition numbers are not cast but available for purchase. 

I could commission you through an agent, which is preferable?

The choice is yours. If you commission through the agent, you have the added reassurance that you are dealing with a reputable company who carefully selects it’s artists.

That said, the contract we draw up between us is equally as watertight. If you contact me directly however, I do not have to charge the agent’s commission. If you have found me via an agent I ask that you use them for the commissioning process.

"If my work is done well, resemblance appears of it's own accord"

Antoine Bourdelle


A bronze commission is always bespoke.

If you would like to talk or meet, with no obligation, it would be a pleasure to see if I can help you fulfill your dreams.

I can suggest designs, materials, scale and complexity and explain more of what is involved, so you can fully understand the process, what is possible and what to expect.  

This gives you a good basis from which to make a decision.

A Unique Work Of Art

Prices vary according to scale, complexity of form and detailing.

I always like to include the total sum payable in a clearly worded and straight forward written contract between the client and myself.

The contract establishes a clear outline of each stage of the work and ensures a smooth process.

Head & neck
Price on Application

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Head with shoulders
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Head with torso
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Wall reliefs
Price on Application

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Traveling expenses: Travelling and accommodation expenses are additional to the  price of the bronze and are always kept to the minimum. This is included in my standard contract.

Standard: All prices include a marble or bronze base.

No hidden extras: The total sum payable is always written into a straight forward contract, made between us before the commencement of any work. This ensures there are no extra hidden charges and no unexpected terms.

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