David Williams

Medium Bronze (edition of 15)

Size 15" (38cm)

Cost £8,500


Commissioned by the sitter’s wife as a birthday present
Modelled in the artist’s studio in 1988

Interesting Facts

This was the second bust of David Williams modelled by Luke in just 3 sittings! The first bust was ruined as a result of the clay freezing in an unheated foundry. A mistake that will never be repeated! David Williams seemed undeterred to sit again despite his full schedule and I think relished getting away from his office to enjoy the background operatic music in the studio, which he so loved!

" David Williams sat quite patiently and I enjoyed his cultured persona and appreciation of opera. 20 years later I bumped into him in the streets of Cardiff and he exclaimed how he thought he looked far more like his bust than when he was 50 years old!"

Luke Shepherd