Derek Williams

Medium Bronze (edition of 3)

Size 15" (38cm)

Cost £10,500


Commissioned by the National Museum of Wales to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the association of the museum with the Derek Williams Trust.

Modelled in the artist’s studio from photographs

1st edition purchased by the Derek Williams Trust

"I hope this photo will help you realise how close you got to a physical likeness of Derek, but also the more subtle nuances of his character. I found it uncanny."

Howard Nicholls — lifelong friend.

To mark the twentieth anniversary of the death of one Wales’ most prominent art collectors, Derek Williams and to celebrate the relationship between the National Museums & Galleries of Wales and the Derek Williams Trust, a bust of Derek Williams has been commissioned from the Welsh-born sculptor Luke Shepherd.

On his death in 1984, Derek Williams left over seventy pictures and his personal fortune contributed to the setting up of the Derek Williams Trust. The Trust’s purpose is ‘to advance… appreciation of the arts by the display of works of art made after 1900’. The Trust’s funds are used to make additions to the collection, which is on loan to the National Museums & Galleries of Wales and to acquire works in partnership with the museum. It also supports artistic commissions and research.

Derek Mathias Tudor Williams (1930-1984) was educated at Llandaff and Radley and became a chartered surveyor in the family practice based in Cardiff and Pontypridd. During the 1960s Derek Williams began purchasing art mainly from the Howard Roberts Gallery in Cardiff, in particular, the works of British Neo-Romantics artists Ceri Richards and John Piper.

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" Modelled from photos in the artist’s studio. Derek’s secretary of 20 years helped me gain the finishing touches that brought the clay to life. Without her invaluable help it would have been difficult to capture the complexity of his character as there were very few good photos to go by."

Luke Shepherd