Medium: Bronze (edition of 9)

Size: 15" (38cm)

Cost: £8,500


his sculpture is a bronze of the teenager Juliette who's brother Alistair I had modelled 2 years previously.

Interesting Facts

The parents who commissioned the bronzes were a lovely and welcoming family and offered to accommodate me for the week while I modelled the portrait. This was fantastic because I could get to know Juliette in a different capacity and have the opportunity to look at her features outside of the sittings such as over meals and while she watched TV. I'm not sure what she made of a sculptor living in the house and looking at her while she ate her cornflakes, but from my side it really helped with the development of the work.

Juliet was a lively young girl who could sit still for about 30 minutes max! She had a happy round face and I think wondered why on earth I was asking her to keep still!

Luke Shepherd