Margaret Rule CBE

Medium Bronze (edition of 9)

Size 15" (38cm)

Cost £8,500


Commissioned by the Mary Rose museum Trust

1st edition purchased by The Mary Rose Museum.

Dr Margaret Rule CBE. Archaeologist, diver and visionary. The Mary Rose, Henry VIII's flagship, was built in 1510 and sank in 1545. Between 1979 and 1982 Margaret Rule directed the world's largest ever underwater archaeological excavation, The hull was raised in 1982 and the first museum opened in 1984. Margaret remained director of research until 1995. The Mary Rose, thousands of objects and this bronze bust are displayed in a new museum built in 2013 within the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

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Mary Rose Museum

Margaret's son presented me with over 50 x A4 images of his mother from 5 years old through to her last days. It really gave me a thorough feel for her life's story.

Luke Shepherd