Sri Ramana Maharshi

Medium Bronze (unlimited edition)

Cost 15" (38cm) Life-size bronze £8,500

Cost 5" (12cm) bronze £1,600


Measurements were taken with crude calipers from 2 existing life-size statues at the Sri Rananasramam Ashram and the clay was modelled over 6 months at the sculptor's studio in Devon.

Interesting Facts

Sri Ramana Maharshi (1879–1950) is widely acknowledged as one of the outstanding Indian sages of modern times. At the age of sixteen, he lost his sense of individual self-hood and became absorbed in silence, an awakening which he later recognized as a form of enlightenment. A few weeks thereafter he traveled to the holy mountain Arunachala, where he remained for the rest of his life. His first years were spent in solitude but in later years responded to questions always insisting that the silence beneath the thinking mind is the source of freedom.
Though worshiped by thousands, he never allowed anyone to treat him as special, or receive private gifts. He treated all with equal respect.
In response to questions on self-liberation and the classic texts on Yoga and Vedanta, Ramana recommended self- enquiry as the principal way to liberation.

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To create a true bust of Ramana his essence had to be incorporated. It took many sessions of soul searching to find a way to get the correct feel.

Luke Shepherd