The Sculptor's Father

Medium Bronze (edition of 9)

Size 15" (38cm)

Cost £8,500


Modelled at the home of the sculptor's father in Usk, Wales over 3 sittings.

Interesting Facts

I had recently returned from a 3-day sculpture course with Brian Taylor and had some fresh ideas to try out on a willing sitter. My father has always been very supportive of my work and after discussing these ideas he offered to sit for a short time for me to try out these new techniques, but definitely not for a finished bust. The work went very well and was completed much faster than normal perhaps because I knew his face so well?

"My father definitely didn’t want his head modelling. I had been asking him if he would sit for many years but he always said no! Eventually, I asked him if he would sit while I tried a few new techniques to which he fortunately agreed!"

Luke Shepherd