Billy Connolly CBE Commission 




Billy Connely Sculpture

Billy Connolly CBE

Medium Bronze (edition of 9)
Size 15" (38cm)
Cost £12,500


Modelled in the dressing rooms of the Theatre Royal, Bath over 4 consecutive evenings and subsequently over 5 months in sculptor's studio.

1st edition purchased by John Reid Enterprises and 2nd owned by Billy.

Billy Connolly, known for his long, messy hair, ‘goatee’ beard and lots of bad language in his stand-up show, was born and brought up in Glasgow, Scotland. 

He left school to work in the shipyards where he became a welder. He developed an interest in folk music, eventually becoming an accomplished banjo player and a member of the band ‘Humblebums’ with Gerry Rafferty (later of ‘Baker Street’ fame). The jokes he told between songs eventually took over his act and he became a full-time comedian. He is by some considerable margin UK’s top comedian.

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Billy Connolly’s website
Billy Connolly quotes
"The Big Yin put me at ease right from the start. His eccentric and insightful chatter was far too interesting, which made concentrating on the work at hand all the more difficult."   Luke Shepherd

Baroness Floella Benjamin OBE Commission 




Baroness Floella Benjamin Sculpture

Baroness Floella Benjamin OBE

Medium Bronze (edition of 9)
Size 28" (75cm)
Cost £15,000


This sculpture of Baroness Floella Benjamin of Beckenham was commissioned by Exeter University to celebrate her retirement as chancellor.
Before becoming a much-loved TV presenter, on arrival in the UK from Trinidad aged 10, she lived in Beckenham. She chose the title of Baroness of Beckenham as recognition of her family’s connections to the area, on becoming a Life Peer in the House of Lords in 2010.
The 67-year-old first earned her claim to fame by starring in major musicals, including Jesus Christ Superstar, Hair and Black Mikado. But it was in the 1970s when Floella Benjamin become a household name, presenting children’s television shows Play School and Play Away. A prominent children’s rights campaigner, she lobbied the government to introduce a minister for children and also set up Touching Success - an organisation aimed at inspiring youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve success in their lives.
Becoming a chancellor at the University of Exeter in 2006, she is known for hugging students at graduation, rather than offering the traditional handshake.

After ten years as a chancellor, she carried out her last graduation ceremony in December 2016. She continues to inspire and give hope through her encouragement to be considerate, content and confident.
The sculpture is extremely significant because it is believed to be the only existing public statue of a named living female black person in the UK.
Interesting Links

Floella Benjamin’s website
Put yourself in the place of others, show empathy and respect. Never be judgemental.

Don't be jealous and envious, but be satisfied with what you have.  That way you are open and ready to receive what is right for you.

Be a decent human being, feel worthy and like the person you are.  Give  and love unconditionally and more will come back to you. 
Floella Benjamin - written on the plaque in Exeter University.

The Sculptor's Father



Baroness Floella Benjamin

The Sculptor's Father

Medium Bronze (edition of 9)
Size 15" (38cm)
Cost £8,500


Modelled at the home of the sculptor's father in Usk, Wales over 3 sittings.

Interesting Facts

I had recently returned from a 3-day sculpture course with Brian Taylor and had some fresh ideas and techniques to try out on a willing sitter.

My father has always been very supportive of my work and after discussing these ideas he offered to sit for a short time for me to try out these new techniques, but definitely not to produce a finished bust. The sittings went very well and the clay was completed much faster than normal from photographs in my studio,  perhaps because I knew his face so well?  
"My father definitely didn’t want his head modelling. I had been asking him if he would sit for many years but he always said no! Eventually, I asked him if he would sit while I tried a few new techniques to which he fortunately agreed!"  Luke Shepherd

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I uphold traditional values in art.

I work with minute modifications until both client and myself are fully satisfied with the finished clay.  Only then do I proceed with the casting.

I employ a fine balance of strong draftsmanship, sensitive observation and overall an immense enjoyment of being with people.

I set my goals high and strive for perfection.

Luke Shepherd

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