Sculpture for Schools

A 2-Day Module For ‘A’ Level Students

This 2-day intensive module will impart students with traditional skills of observation and visual understanding needed to develop drawing, observational skills and 3-D work.

The module can be extended to 3 or 4-days or repeated at a more advanced level.

Using the format of portrait sculpture and working from life, a direct and systematic protocol is followed that imparts a formal way of questioning and understanding visual perception, allowing this to be brought forward into clay.
The students will finish the 2 days with a clay bust ready for firing along with preparatory drawings and photgraphs as part of their portfolio.

Sculpture for schools

Concise and focused

The concise and focused module offers the student a chance to be taught genuine visual language skills and create experiential links to representational artworks of the past. In doing so they will be encouraged to ask the same questions as the working artist and quickly gain insights into the making and production of 3-D art work.

Luke's approach not only taught me the necessary techniques but also really made me appreciate the importance of observation. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and gained a much greater understanding of 3D modelling. I can now relate the skills I learnt to my other A-level work and feel it was a highly valuable experience .

Anna Ronayne — Saltash Community School 2007

Professional standards adapted to schools

Thorough and challenging in his approach, Luke teaches plastic surgeons to develop their perception on Sculpture for Surgeons Course.
He also teaches in art schools in the UK and Eire, at both foundation and degree level. Recently he taught this module as part of the portrait project initiated by the art department in Saltash Community School, Cornwall.


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Extras: Transport and Accommodation.
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includes tuition, model,
materials and tools.
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includes tuition, model,
materials and tools.
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