What people are saying about Luke’s courses

I admire your work and would love to study under you
I enjoyed the article on casting , in fact it was the best explaination I’ve read. I feel I might finally understand the process!

Sheldon Hutchinson , France 2009

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your course, you are a patient generous and expert teacher. I felt encouraged and excited by the whole process. Your ‘talks’ were inspirational and educational.
The atmosphere was relaxed, the group was lovely

Kim Wordley Penarth 2009

Just to say thanks for giving me the opportunity top sit for your portrait workshop, and how much I enjoy seeing the progression made by the student during the 4 days!
What a wonderfull teacher your are!…

Yanna Totnes 2010

I still think about my visit to your area and your workshop! It was a fantastic experience, and I really feel I learnt a whole new way of working / looking! Will be back if at all possible.

Tania Lee South Africa 2009

Thank you once again for a truly inspiring course, and for looking after us so well.

Christine (May 2011)

Thank you for a marvellous four days. It was really great. Your organisation, food and especially your teaching skills were excellent, especially the latter. Difficult to get it right but you do.
The sculpturing was fantastic and just what I needed. As somebody who tends to rush, to have to spend time on small details was truely therapeutic. I was exhausted at the end of every day and slept like a log until this morning when I woke at three and began thinking of eyelids and lips!

John Franklin – May 2011

Hi Luke
Just a short note to thank you so much for your guidance and hospitality – the course was brilliant and I’m so happy to have been part of it.
You have as much talent for teaching as you do for sculpture and I’m guessing that’s pretty rare. Bet you’re glad we’ve gone tho’ !!

Janette Cordon Nottingham May 2011

Many thanks for the excellent portrait course over the bank holiday weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned loads from you methods. It was great to be able to immerse myself into clay modelling again for four long wonderful days.

Seamus Cuddihy Chessington, Surrey May 2011

Thankyou for 4 wonderful days at Druidstone. The meals were amazing, the company delightful and Cindy’s lovely face a vibrant character made it all t he more perfect. Thnaksypuso much for helping to give me the confidence ) at long last) to start sculpting with clay.i will keep practicing and hopefully be back again nest year to learn some more

Fiona Russell Davies Postbridge Dartmoor May 2011

Firstly, I should have formally told you how inspiring the 4 day course in August was for me. I battled to make the time and justify spending the money on ‘me’ , and now I cannot believe that I nearly lost the opportunity! I was so excited when I came back and I keep smiling at my little picture of my bust of Aaron on my mobile. I could see that you were a brilliant artist/sculptor in your own right but the real test was – what would you be like as a teacher? As it was you were brilliant it all made so much sense and became so ‘do-able’ (i.e. not too mathematical or complex in building the structure and using safe measurements.) I learnt so much and my passion and confidence came back. Thank you so much.

Cathie Johnstone August 2011

Your course was amazing. Thank you so much. I came home head stuffed with information, spirits high, ready to let it all sink in and come out!!!! I have a horse portrait to do next week and I can’t wait to get going and try to take it all through. Although I’m feeling quite nervy about it too.
Good luck with your next courses…. wish I could come on them all!!

JS 2010

Just to say that having completed your portrait sculpting course its value to me is immense. Your many years of experience, command of the portrait sculpting process and teaching skill have made this unique course one where novices and existing practitioners have excelled. My only reservation is that I would have liked it to have lasted longer and that I cannot practically return soon for more of the same.

Best regards Ron Tilspn May 2009

Finally a poem inspired by a participant on return from a portrait course.
Not even a skull
Her clumpy golem
Pile of dark mud
He looks to his crude self
How will I ever be
This clod of clay
She has already begun
To chop at his head Work her wonder
With quick wet hands
She pinches a button nose
Thumbs in his cavities
Bites right into him
Taking his thin lip
In her eyeteeth
Drawing blood
The clay swells
A form rises
Into him she folds
Flaps of cheek and jaw
Pierces two coiled shells
With a long metal wire
Her hands wring around
His huge bull neck
Globs of putty
Dribble onto the table
Fat face shrinking
She rolls his eyes
And sockets them
Working the line
Cheek crease and frown
The lone childhood scar
Above his right eye
Here now, her image his double
She bakes his head
At first he is pulpy soft
Then fired white
petrified It is done - set to cool
He stares at his blind self
His milky eyes undone Frown lines darken
His crossbow mouth
Strung with imperfections
Curious, he touches the hot clay
Flinching, he sends it flying From its metal perch, sprawls For the catch - a moment;
A touch too slow
It rushes and explodes
Odd meteorites - ears and nose He sheds his scalp
He severs his jaw
The prize is a bouquet of ash
Powder hangs on the air
Patiently awaiting the next breath

Jack A. Lantern 2012