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You are such an amazing teacher, and I learned an endless amount from you in just 4 days (even though not quite managing to put it into practice - yet!). The course was perfectly structured - and the slides you’d put together I found inspirational. Thank you for sharing some of your own journey with us - because that too was an inspiration (I really love your style).

Griselda Appleton

I don't know if your other clients immediately bond with your work like I have but I've already started talking to him! Don't worry, though, I'm only crazy if he starts talking back, right?
Can't thank you enough. Love everything about it -- the look, the feel, the inscription, the base (right down the knot on the side!).

David juliano Florida USA

I really like this latest work. It's brooding and I immediately got the impression of his tenacity and determination from it - and that after all - was what he was all about. Brilliant. The texture really adds to the piece.

Paul Dunkley Exeter

Thank you for giving me the experience of modelling for your course. I've never done anything like that and really enjoyed it. You create a really open and safe space for your students to learn and are a very good tutor. You all made me feel very included which was very special. Thank you also for introducing me to creativity /art /sculpture - all very new for me and I learned a lot! If you are ever in need of a model in future please get in touch :-)

Aiden Lawley Model

You have done an amazing job of capturing Aram. It's a wonderful piece of work. You have really captured his serenity, warmth and dignity. It has brought a great resurgence of memories and feelings back and it brought tears to my eyes. I'm so glad I found you.

David Kennedy Hebden Bridge

The bronze sculpture you skilfully crafted 
brings out the depth of Robin's personality.

John Timperley 2019

Having completed your portrait sculpting course its value to me is immense. Your many years of experience, command of the portrait sculpting process and teaching skill have made this unique course one where novices and existing practitioners have excelled.

Ron Tillson

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